Q100211: How to check which licenses are available from an RLM server



This article explains how you can use the RLM Webserver to check the status of your license server and see what licenses are available.


The RLM server software included in the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) contains an embedded webserver which can be used to administrate the server.  For example you can check if licenses are available or in use, stop and restart the server, and even edit the Options File to control which users have access to your licenses.
You can view your RLM Webserver from a machine on the same network as your license server by going to "http://ServerName:4102" in a web browser (where ServerName is the hostname of your license server).  You can check that the server is running and get an overview of the current status of your server by clicking on the "Status" button on the left hand side. 
How to check if licenses are free or in use
From the status page, click on the "foundry" button beneath the Server Status heading.  The webserver will then list the licenses currently being floated by the server machine and show which versions are available, the total number of licenses being floated and how many are currently in use.
You can then check who is using the licenses by clicking on the "usage" button for a given license in the table.
How to stop or restart the server
To stop the server, click on the Shutdown button on the right hand side.
To start it up again, or make the server reread its license file, click on the "Reread/Restart Servers" button on the left hand side.
How to Edit the Options file to control license behaviour
The following article explains how you can use the RLM Webserver to edit the server Options File if you need to control which of your machines or users has access to your licenses.
For more information on the RLM web server please visit the RLM Enduser Guide

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