Q100157: How to use a version of Photoshop that Flix does not natively support



This article explains how to use an unsupported version of photoshop with Flix.

If you are using a version Photoshop (PS) that was released after your last Flix update, there is a good chance that it isn’t yet supported, but you should still be able use it.

To add your version of PS to Flix you will need to open your parameters.yml file, which is located at flixApp/builds/configs/parameters.yml. You can open this file with any text editor.

In the file use ctrl + f to search for ‘Adobe’

The first result you see should be associated with editImageCommandDarwinVersions:

Under this parameter is a list of paths to the PS versions that flix will use.

Add your path to the version of PS that you would like to use below, like shown:

Be sure to add paths for both operating systems

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